mameCoin, donation begins.

Finally the time has come where you can safely make donations, whenever, wherever you are.
Bringing donations to the next stage with mameCoin, a new kind of begins.

Pay it forward. Donate more closely with virtual currency.

Create environment where you can donate easily

If anyone can feel free to donate money like putting money in donation box.
We build environment with blockchain, "People who want to help raise their hands and people who want help help out."

Spread donation by virtual currency

In order to recognize donation through virtual currency and to penetrate society, we will establish the Japan Virtual Currency Donation Association.
In order to disseminate accurate knowledge about donation, we plan to give lecture activities and qualification system.

Change the donation. We solve donation problem.

Donation so far had various problems such as cost, proof of identity.
mameCoin utilizes blockchain technology to solve the problem.

Problem solving by blockchain technology

mameCoin platform Make donation more familiar and safe.

It is possible to make donation more easily through everyday shopping.
Since you can track footprints of donation by using Smart Contract,
Anxiety that "Is the donation received to those who need it securely?" will be eliminated, and it will be possible to donate more securely.

Problem solving by blockchain technology

Activities Acting Token.

Our activities will not stay on the Internet only.
In cooperation with an affiliated NPO organization, the company representatives themselves will actually carry out support activities in the afflicted areas.
We established donation window for NPO organizations in our community and constructed system to send donations directly to groups.

mameCoin Token

mameCoin is an ERC20 token, implementing its own proprietary expansions.
We can expect listings on many exchanges.
Also since this is compatible with several wallets, it's secure to exchange the tokens.

Function & Spec
Standard ERC20 + Proprietary Expansion
Total Issue Amount 25 Billion Tokens
Proprietary Expansions Lock-up, Burn, Refund, etc.
Supporting SafeMath
Contract Address 0xabccaadd77078a67622dfd5f74066ce4581c0a99
Decimals 8 digits
Correspondence confirmed wallet
Software wallet
Hardware wallet
Ledger Nano S


Distribution ratio of mameCoin token

About lockup ratio

Coins unlocked every year are planned to be used for burn for the market adjustment and 10% burn of donation amount on the platform as redistribution.

We aim for a final total supply of 7.5 billion. This means a 70% burn of the initial issued coins. We are planning to improve and stabilize the value of mameCoin as a currency.



  • Sendy Ariani

    PT mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi

  • Heraldo R.M. Kalangit

    PT mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi
    COO & Komisaris

  • Yasunori Okamoto

    mameCoin Japan
    CEO & CFO

  • Jun Shimizu

    mameCoin Japan

  • Kosuke Hashiguchi

    mameCoin Japan

Cooperating parties

  • Tomohiro Nomata

    General Counsel